Wedding Cake Gallery

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Wedding Cakes

Hoffman’s specializes in wedding cakes! We are dedicated to creating the perfect cake to compliment your wedding day celebration.  


We offer private consultations by appointment. This reserves time with a wedding cake specialist to sample some of our most popular flavor choices. We take this time to discuss your vision for your cake and how we can help you achieve it, answer any questions you may have, and showcase our delicious options. Each consultation appointment is $40 for four people. If you wish to have more people, please inquire about additional costs. 

We offer tiered cakes in specific size arrangements and combinations we feel are the most aesthetically pleasing. Our tiered cakes are priced affordably at $8.00 per serving.

  • 6”x10”, serves 45 - $360.00
  • 8”x12”, serves 75 - $600.00
  • 6”x9”x12”, serves 95 - $760.00
  • 6”x10”x14”, serves 110 - $880.00
  • 6”x10”x16”, serves 145 - $1,160.00
  • 8”x12”x16”, serves 175 - $1,400.00
  • 6”x10”x14”x16”, serves 225 - $1,800.00